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According to a report by Public Radio International, on January 2, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices throughout the state of California processed thousands of driver’s license applications from undocumented immigrants. At peak hours, lines extended for hundreds of people, and in some locations, even wrapped around whole plazas.

It is projected that approximately 1.4 million immigrants will apply for licenses over the next three years thanks to Assembly Bill 60, which went into effect at the beginning of 2015. In preparation for this surge of applications, the agency has opened new branches, extended opening hours, and hired more than 900 additional employees.

Advocates of the new license program believe that the state has made the right move by allowing individuals without legal status to apply for a driver’s license. Not only will it grant undocumented immigrants the ability to drive to work and elsewhere legally, but it will also spur them to obtain auto insurance and thus benefit the general public.

In order to qualify for a driver’s license, applicants must be able to present proof of identity and California residency. To establish the former, you can present one of the following documents:

  • California License or Identification Card
  • A Foreign Document approved and verified by DMV with Mexico (Electoral Card, Passport, Consular Card)
  • A DMV-approved Foreign Passport

If you do not possess any of the above documents, you may still pass the identity check by presenting a DMV-approved Foreign Document with another participating country along with a Foreign Birth Certificate.

To establish California residency, you may present any of the following documents as long as they contain your full name and California residence address:

  • Rental or lease agreements
  • Deeds or titles to residential property
  • Mortgage and utility bills
  • School, medical, insurance, and employment documents
  • Postal Service Change of Address confirmations
  • Property tax bill or statement

For a full rundown on qualifying documents, read the DMV guideline on document options for license applicants.

Are you an undocumented immigrant who is finding it difficult to establish security for you and your family in the United States? Do you live in constant fear of the authorities due to your legal status? Fortunately, there is a way for you to improve your situation.

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