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According to a report by NBC News, Democrats announced that they plan to engage in an immigration reform education campaign, which will involve forums and workshops that inform affected immigrants on the effects of Obama’s executive action and how to prepare and sign up for the benefits.

Several key figures behind the campaign, including members of Congress and immigration groups, attended a Capitol news conference on January 13 about the workshops. They stated that events will be held in Providence, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Charleston, and states including New Jersey, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Florida.

Meanwhile, the Republicans have been continuing to press for the denial of the president’s executive action on immigration, including presenting a bill that prevents funds for the immigration reform and other measures expanding delay of deportation options. The White House plans to veto the funding bill, if necessary.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, France, Homeland Security officials have emphasized the urgent need for established border security priorities in place of stopgap measures. However, Republicans are insistent that their bill will actually work towards improving border security through increases in patrols and other personnel, increased surveillance, and more.

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