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Facing deportation is extremely stressful for you and your family. With so much on the line, you must make sure that you are prepared before your deportation hearing. The government will use an attorney with a long history of prosecuting cases similar to yours. So, it is important that you understand the details of your case and consult with a skilled Los Angeles immigration attorney who has experience handling removal and deportation cases.
Los Angeles Deportation DefenseThe government is responsible for proving in court that they can deport you. They may argue that you overstayed your visa, committed a crime, or entered the country illegally. Your legal options, however, do not go away if they are successful in proving that you are deportable.

You can apply for a cancellation of removal whether you are a permanent or non-permanent resident. You also may be able to apply for permanent status. For example, it may be possible to secure a green card if you are married to a U.S. citizen especially if your attorney can convince the government to exercise its prosecutorial discretion. Otherwise, you may be able to apply for asylum in the United States or a withholding of removal.

It is possible to build a defense against removal or deportation, especially if you have extensive family ties in the United States. If you have a spouse, parent, or adult child who is a citizen, you may be able to file for a green card. If you have lived here for 10 years or longer, you may be able to apply for cancellation of removal especially if you can show that your deportation will result in exceptional and extremely unusual hardship to your family.

There are many options that may be available for you. Don’t give up. For more information, please contact the experienced immigration lawyers at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. at (800) 792-9889.