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Good news from the Associated Press (please see below). It pains me to see how many of my clients have previously been victimized by notarios and immigration consultants. many of these clients come to me when it is Artie too late. Now they find themselves in removal proceedings because the wrong petition was filed, or a predecessor step was not taken or the timing was just incorrect. They may have thought they were saving a few hundred dollars by not going to an attorney they will now cost their family thousands of dollars and will likely be deported. It is just heartbreaking and maddening. I truly hope that our new Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris will make this a priority. I will start posting some of the stories from my clients, with their permission, on the website in the weeks and months to come.

Feds targeting fake immigration lawyers


WASHINGTON — A top federal immigration official is asking states’ attorneys general to help him crack down on fake immigration lawyers and educate immigrants on how to spot them.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services director Alejandro Mayorkas told a group of attorneys general in Washington for a spring meeting that the federal government is eager to work with them to protect vulnerable immigrants and prosecute those who prey on them.

His agency and other federal and state agencies are launching an effort to warn people about the fake immigration lawyers known as “notarios” who charge exorbitant fees and give fraudulent advice to people seeking citizenship, green cards or other immigration benefits.

Seven cities – Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Fresno, Calif., Los Angeles, New York and San Antonio – will serve as test sites.