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Our office is proud to announce a major victory at the Board of Immigration Appeals for our client. In one of our most complicated– and fastest– cases of 2011, our client went from imminent deportation (she was literally on the bus headed toward the airport) to a full restoration of her green card and rights as a legal permanent resident. In between, our office won a hard-fought battle against ICE to release this mother of two U.S. citizen children from detention; we beat the Office of Immigration Litigation in a successful federal district court habeas action; we beat the L.A. County district attorney’s office and overturned her criminal conviction in state district court; and, we then had the ultimate victory at the BIA after our first motion was incorrectly denied. All done in less than five months. Our client and her family is now out of their ten year nightmare. But we are now exploring litigation against her previous attorneys. Stay tuned.


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