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Immigration ReformHouse Republicans were unable to pass a border crisis bill before the August recess. So, now all eyes are on President Barack Obama to take executive action. Many speculate that he is preparing to announce measures that could allow immigrants to remain in the United States. According to a news report in The Washington Post, the administration is considering its options in light of the current surge of Central American children who have crossed the border coupled with “Congress’s failure this year to pass a broader immigration overhaul.”

There are many proposals and suggestions that are currently under consideration. For example, the president may be able to provide temporary relief for law-abiding undocumented immigrants who have relatives in the United States or who have lived here for a number of years. This proposal could protect as many as five million immigrants from deportation.

According to a news report in The Washington Post, the White House will unveil their executive action plans after the November elections. Some speculate that he could unilaterally grant relief to millions of undocumented immigrants. Which migrants are targeted for deportation is at the discretion of the president. So the 11 million immigrants currently living in the United States are waiting to learn about their fate.

The president cannot grant permanent legal status to immigrants living in the United States, but there are other options he can consider. What steps the president takes to help immigrants already living here is unclear. Some lawmakers and labor leaders want the president to make more foreign-worker visas available and to replicate the deferred-action program that he put in place back in 2012 for young people. Under that initiative, immigrants who arrived as children before 2007 can apply for a two-year waiver to prevent their deportation. They can even secure work permits and driver’s licenses.

In the meantime, the recent influx of foreign minors has put this issue front and center. What the president does next could affect the lives of millions of people who wish to live and work in the United States. If you are facing deportation, please contact an experienced Los Angeles deportation defense lawyer who can help you achieve the best possible outcome.