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Temporary protected status (TPS) allows citizens of certain specified countries to stay in the United States if their own country is unsafe for them to enter. Although temporary protected status doesn’t automatically lead to permanent residency, a person in the U.S. under temporary protected status may work with an experienced Los Angeles immigration law attorney to seek an immigrant or non-immigrant visa.

Only certain countries are currently designated temporary protected status countries by the Secretary of Homeland Security. In addition to being a citizen of one of these countries or a person who has “habitually resided” in one of these countries, a person must also meet the following requirements:

  • File either during the open registration or re-registration period, or be eligible for late filing. Your attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for late filing.
  • Have been continuously physically present in the United States since the last date your country was designated a temporary protected status country,
  • Have been continuously residing in the United States since the last date designated for your country. This date can be found on the Customs and Immigration Services Web site, or speak to your attorney to determine when this date occurred and whether you have been continuously “residing” in the U.S. according to the law since that time.
  • Have no felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions in the United States,
  • Not be subject to any of the bars to granting asylum that are specified in United States law, and
  • Re-register for TPS when required or have good cause for failing to re-register.

If you are searching for greater understanding of how you may qualify for TPS, call the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. at (800) 792-9889 for a consultation on your case.