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Don’t be fooled by inexpensive fees. Your Opportunity, Family and Hope are too important to find an inexpensive, inexperienced and unprofessional advocate to represent you. Besides, you will ALWAYS end up paying more by hiring a cheap attorney or notario. There are nine possible parts to your case. If your lawyer isn’t excellent, then your case will likely last longer and therefore cost you more. Or, they simply won’t know how to help you with every possible part of your case and you will therefore eventually lose your case or have to hire a second attorney! The best lawyers, on the other hand, will take care of your case quickly but still be prepared to represent you in every part of your case.

Here are possible parts of your case:

  1. You file a petition, application or form. If it’s accepted, you may be done. If your attorney is careless, you may be detained and put into deportation proceedings quickly.
  2. You may need a bond. Only an attorney can get you one in court. But the best attorneys may be able to negotiate one for you without ever having to go to court.
  3. Negotiations. ICE will only negotiate with an attorney– and if they don’t respect yours, your attorney won’t get anywhere. The best attorneys may be able to negotiate your release based on prosecutorial discretion or a complicated legal theory that can help you.
  4. Immigration Court. Only an attorney who has not been disciplined by EOIR may represent you in front of an immigration judge.
  5. Immigration Court- Motion to Reopen. You may have lost your case originally, but maybe new information has been found that can help you in front of that judge.
  6. Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). Many immigration attorneys have never successfully appealed a case to the BIA. Make sure yours has won one at the BIA recently!
  7. Federal Courts- You may be wrongfully detained and need a habeas corpus petition from the district court; maybe you should have won your case bu the Immigration judg
  8. e and the BIA wrongly decided your case and you need an appeal to the Court of Appeals.

  9. Remand back to Immigration Court- You may get a favorable decision from the BIA or a federal court but now you will have to go back to the Immigration Court and argue your case there again.
  10. State District Court- You may have a criminal conviction that will cause your deportation; your only hope may be if your attorney knows how to overturn this conviction in state court.

Do you think the person who is offering you a discounted price will still be the best option if their inadequate representation extends your case past the one part they talked to you about?