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Japanese students on a F-1 visa who are currently enrolled in a school in the United States may seek work authorization based on severe economic hardship. According to the regulations at 8 CFR 214.2(f)(9)(II)(C) and (D), F-1 academic students may request this permission to work off-campus due to the severe economic hardship caused by changes in the financial condition of your family. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Your family in Japan is funding your studies;
  2. Have been an F-1 academic student for at least one full academic year;
  3. Are in good academic standing and carrying a full course load; and
  4. Need employment authorization to avoid severe economic hardship.

Our office can coordinate this with your school officials. We can also work with the immigration service so that they waive the customary $380 fee. Because of the enormity of the tragedy in Japan, our office will waive half of the $1000 fee for any new clients before July 15, 2011. Therefore, your work return authorization will only cost $500 including the government fees. Payment plans are available.