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Sometimes it’s hard to leave the place you have come to love. So many people come to Los Angeles and find it’s easy to overstay their visa. There doesn’t seem to be many consequences…. until they try to get a visa or green card. Then, reality hits. Once you have overstayed your visa, it’s almost impossible to fix your status inside the United States.

There is one exception. Marrying a U.S. Citizen. This is your path back to your American Dream. If you came on a visa, overstayed and then fell in love with a U.S. Citizen, you can be helped.

As long as it is a real marriage, you can get your green card. But note that USCIS has become increasingly aggressive in investigating marriages in which they see a red flag.

How to avoid red flags?

1- Live together.

2- Intertwine your financial life.

3- Take lots of pictures in vacation or fun spots– especially ones with friends and families.

4- Update your social media to show the world that you are in love and now married. Faking it might seem like an easy path, but if you are young, it’s not worth the risk. Wait to fall in love but just make sure you check your partner’s papers… just kidding.