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One of the most unjust aspects of the immigration process in the United States is how difficult it is for even highly educated immigrants to do the simplest thing on their own. It seems like the system was designed so that immigrants would have to hire immigration attorneys. Accordingly, many of my clients got into serious trouble with the immigration law because of simple – – innocent – – mistakes that they made filling out an application or in not responding to a letter from USCIS or ICE.

Ironically, the immigration system in Canada can equally bedevil immigrants. On the whole, Canada has a much more welcome policy for immigrants. They have many opportunities for entrepreneurs and for college graduates that our country simply does not have. Their fees are lower and their processing time is shorter. Despite this, however, it simply is better for would-be immigrants to Canada to hire an immigration attorney.

Case in point: a United States citizen came into our office trying to establish his Canadian citizenship. He told us that he had started the process almost 4 years prior and still had not received approval. This was a smart man, a professional, but even he was unable to navigate around the immigration processes and systems of our friendly neighbor to the north.

We analyze the situation, determined that indeed he was eligible for citizenship and cut straight to work. I am happy to report that less than three months later he received his Canadian citizenship. He is now able to take jobs and projects in Canada that he would otherwise be unable to if not for his Canadian citizenship.

Many individuals in the states, especially those who work in the business of entertainment (“Hollywood” or the “Biz”) can benefit from establishing their Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizenship can actually help their film project receive subsidies and grants and other special treatment from the Canadian government. It also makes them much more marketable to be hired on to film projects and other jobs.

Besides which, if the projections about global warming are true, Canada will soon be the next Southern California. Get there while you can. We would be glad to help.