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Some cases seem impossible, but you just cannot give up no matter what. In this recent victory featured in our notable success for November 2013 here, the legal team at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C. was the fifth advocate to work with this client.

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Remarkably, all five of her former advocates failed her and – in total – charged her more than $40,000 for their failures. Two of these were notarios/immigration consultants, but three were actually immigration attorneys.

As I sat there on the first day of this case pouring through stacks of papers, it was clear to me that everyone who had worked on this case before simply did the minimal amount of work necessary in order to justify the legal fees they charge this client. This client had already been up to the Ninth Circuit twice and lost both times. All of the briefs her attorneys had submitted were just cookie-cutter templates with very little individualized legal arguments and less insight and inspiration.

They missed the story, they missed the crucial facts, and they clearly did not take time to understand the law. We are proud of our efforts at the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles. We understand the full history and life of our clients, we squeeze out the facts that we will need to put on a defense, and then we tell that story in a compelling and persuasive narrative to make sure someone really listens to our case.