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In our notable case for October 2013, both the company who hired us and its employee were very scared that their H1B renewal would be denied. So many H1B renewals are receiving a request for evidence and notice of intent to deny that it is no longer considered a routine matter.

In fact, many immigration attorneys charge the same amount for the renewal as they do for the first initial H1B visa. At the Immigration Law Office of Los Angeles, P.C., our legal team is extraordinarily successful in these cases because we work very closely with the company. Sometimes, we have to insist on making changes to job titles or job descriptions to more accurately reflect the work employee is doing. We have found that many employees have simply inherited job descriptions that may be four, five, six, or even more years older and that do not accurately reflect the work they do today.

This is a problem for us because immigration services look very closely at job titles, job descriptions, and the corollary compensation of those. Cases can be denied simply because a job title is too inflated and thus commands a higher salary than the company is actually paying. In other cases, it can be the exact opposite and the job title or description does not seemingly require that the applicant have a bachelor’s degree; that would make it out of compliance with H1B regulations.

Our Los Angeles H1B visa attorneys have a long history of success in protecting the rights of immigrant workers. See our notable case for October 2013 here for an example.