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So, you want to marry a foreign national but his/her visa, driver’s license and passport have all expired. And, you know that the registrar’s office requires a valid non-expired ID in order to issue a marriage license. What do you do? If you fiancée has overstayed his/her visa (technically, they have overstayed their I-94) s/he will not be able to get any U.S. identification. But will their consulate allow them to get one. The answer is usually yes. Your fiancée simply needs to apply for a renewal of his/her passport. Once they receive it then you can get your marriage license even though your fiance’s visa/I-94 has expired. All of this can usually be done without assistance from an attorney.

A recent client had an issue like this so we directed them to the websites:
http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/hzqz/ and

We also directed the client to the Orange County marriage license information:
http://goo.gl/VsZV6 And to the Las Vegas marriage license bureau http://goo.gl/Jnp5M where it appears it is okay to have an expired ID (unlike in Orange County).

Afterward, you can petition the United States government (USCIS) for a green card for your new spouse. Because they are “out of status” I would recommend that you use an attorney for this. Costs for the legal services to get the green card generally run about $2000 for this type of adjustment. My office run a special of $2400 that provides the legal services for both the green card and the naturalization two years and nine months later.

Wishing you both the best!

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