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OUR OFFICE: We are a botique law office seeking to add an attorney. Our focus is complicated family petitions, U visas/VAWA, waivers, removal proceedings and BIA and 9th/10th circuit appeals. You will meet with potential clients 2 or more days per week in Culver City and attend USCIS and EOIR (mostly) in Los Angeles. You will work collaboratively with a dedicated legal assistant with 25 years of experience.

POSITION BENEFITS: Depending on how well you meet the position’s expectations, we may be flexible in whether the position is full-time or part-time, comes with benefits and/or profit-sharing or is simply offered as independent contract work. Most of the work can be done at your home on a schedule that fits you. If you love helping immigrants more than the headache of running your own business, this unique opportunity may be for you.

POSITION MISSION: Grow revenue through signing-up potential new clients. Provide strong advocacy for and excellent service to new and existing clients.


  1. Be successful at signing-up clients who contact our office as shown by retaining clients representing an average of at least $5,000 revenue per week in the first year. 10% increases expected each year. You will then have primary responsibility for their cases.
  2. Service some existing legacy clients & maintain or increase our office’s outstanding 97% retention rate.
  3. Assist in inspiring online testimonials from at least 50% of clients whose cases close.
  4. Write one immigration article for our office’s blog or website every 2 weeks.
  5. Speak/train at 8 immigration-related events per year set-up by our office.


  1. Work collaboratively and positively with the supervising attorney and a legal assistant.
  2. Speak Spanish fluently (preferred).
  3. Show sustained commitment to immigrants in part through AILA membership for at least the past 3 years.
  4. Possess strong & deep knowledge of immigration law.
  5. Easily build rapport and trust with clients, potential new clients and co-workers.
  6. Be adept at adopting cutting-edge technology & have a drive to work ever-more efficiently.
  7. Demonstrate a high sense of responsibility without the need for significant oversight.

YOUR NEXT STEP: Share Resume & Cover Letter in Google Docs or Dropbox with gianytica@gmail.com

No calls, emails or faxes regarding this position please.