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Both the immigrant and non-immigrant visa categories include an option for individuals who have “extraordinary ability.” The extraordinary ability visas are reserved for individuals who show some extraordinary skill and achievement in their field. Generally, these individuals have risen to the top of their profession and are planning to come to the United States to practice the profession in which they have excelled.

In order to establish that one has the “extraordinary ability” required for any of the applicable visas, evidence of success and accomplishments in one’s field is required. Applicants can demonstrate their ability by showing proof of having won a major international award, such as a Nobel Prize, or by showing evidence in at least three of the 10 accepted categories:

  • Nationally or internationally recognized prizes and awards for accomplishments in their fields
  • Membership in associations that require outstanding achievement in the field as a condition of membership
  • Publications in major media or trade works about one’s accomplishments in the field
  • Participation on a panel or as an individual judge of the works of others in the field
  • Contributions of major significance in the field
  • Authorship of scholarly articles in the field that have been published in major journals or other publications
  • Display of one’s work in major showcases or exhibits
  • Performing in a leading or critical role in a distinguished organization in the applicable field
  • Commanding a high salary or other remuneration in exchange for one’s work in the field, compared to others in the field
  • Enjoying commercial success in the performing arts

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