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Siblings of US Citizens

Are you trying to help your brother or sister move to the United States? Under the law, a U.S. citizen can help their siblings apply for a green card so that they can live and work in the U.S. legally. The requirements include that the citizen must be at least 21 years old, and that the siblings must both be from the same two parents. If the brother or sister are married, or have children, their immediate relatives can also be included during the process. This can be a complex process, and so it is wise to secure the help of a Los Angeles family immigration lawyer to help your case go smoothly and correctly.

Quota for Sibling Immigration Applicants

The annual allotment for how many siblings can immigrate to the U.S. can change from year to year, and currently is 65,000. There are often far more applications than the quota, and having your case managed by Mrs. Lee can help ensure that your application is not subjected to rejection through errors or a failure to provide the correct documentation, or even errors in filling out forms. These mistakes can cause delays or even a denial of your application for your siblings and their families.

The process is handled in different ways, based upon the situation. For example, if the brother or sister already resides in the country with nonimmigrant status, the application that must be filed is I-130. The sibling then must wait until their number becomes current before filing an application to adjust their status, which requires filing an I-485. The sibling must ensure that while awaiting this process that they keep their nonimmigrant status current and legal.

Helping Your Brother or Sister Get a Green Card

When the sibling resides outside the U.S., the process is different. This requires contacting the U.S. Consulate in the country in which they live. Once the visa becomes available, it will be necessary to supply the State Department with the forms and information that they request. These are complex matters, and are best handled by an attorney with extensive experience. Attorney Linda Lee provides legal services to those who are seeking to bring their families, including brothers and sisters, into the U.S. and join them to live and work legally in the country. Mrs. Lee has affordable rates, and is personally committed to bringing families together successfully, so call today.

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