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Immigration for Nannies & Au Pairs in Los Angeles California

Visas for Nannies

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If you wish to host a foreign nanny/domestic worker for their services, you may secure their approved immigration status in the United States with one of four visa options.

J1 Visa and the Au Pair Program

The au pair program provides an easy way for host families to hire a foreign nanny with approval from the U.S. Department of State. The program charges a fee between $7,500 and $12,500 for services. Additionally, the au pair is paid between $250 and $450 per week. Host families who use this program are presented with a pool of preselected nannies, all of whom have gone through training and fulfilled the following requirements:

  1. Between the ages of 18 and 26;
  2. Graduated secondary school, or equivalent;
  3. Proficient in spoken English;
  4. Satisfactorily completed physical;
  5. Personally interviewed, in English, by a representative; and
  6. Successfully passed an extensive background investigation.

A selected au pair is usually granted a J1 visa that lasts for 12 months. An extension can be granted if the host family requests it.

H2B Visa for Temporary Help

The H2B visa is usually used by companies that run seasonal or intermittent businesses to get temporary help. However, host families may also petition for a foreign nanny to receive a H2B visa, provided they have proven that there are no U.S. workers available for the job and that the job is only temporary. Furthermore, nannies with H2B visas must work for less than 12 months each year and be paid the prevailing wage as defined by the U.S. Labor Department. The duration of the visa can be up to three years.

B1 Visa for Accompanying Domestic Help

The B1 visa is meant for domestic workers who wish to accompany U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or foreign nationals on their temporary stay in the U.S. A written employment contract must be drawn up between both parties that guarantee payment of the prevailing wage for an eight hour workday and benefits typically given to U.S. domestic workers. This type of visa is usually valid for no more than six months but can be extended.

PERM Labor Certification for Long-Term Nannies

PERM allows a host family to hire a foreign nanny for a permanent position. Similar to the H2B visa, PERM requires the host family to prove that no U.S. workers are available for the position and to pay the nanny a prevailing wage. Naturally, they are not required to prove that the work is temporary in nature. Once approved, the host family may petition for the nanny to attain resident status.

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