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USCIS conducts most interviews of immigrants seeking to change their immigration status. Our office has done hundreds of these interviews.Here are our top 3 tips to passing your interview

TIP #1- Know everything you– or your attorney– has submitted. Your answers on forms, the documents you submitted, the responses you have given to USCIS requests, is your truth. If you change anything accidentally, you will be denied based on inconsistencies. Study that information. And make sure you attorney has shared everything.

TIP #2- Practice your answers to obvious questions with someone. If it’s a green card through marriage, they will be asking about how you and your spouse met, got engaged etc. If naturalization, they will ask how you got the green card. If it’s a visa or green card through work they will ask you about the job and the company. You should have short– and clear– answers to these questions. Don’t talk too much, however. The more you ramble, the more likely you will say something that the USCIS officer pounces on. Or you will simply annoy them because the interview is taking too long.

TIP #3- Have your documents– and pictures if its for marriage– in order. Separate government documents from other types of evidence. Put them in chronological order. Know what they say! And…. relax.


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